Emily & Kerre Popp, Bridgewater, 8/24/19
Diane Krasne & Denise Grilli Sayreville July 4, 2019
Kisha & Henni, New Jersey, 5/13/2017
Gregg Sgroi & Brian Shapiro, Monmouth Junction,
April 24, 2016

Joe Pisano & Steven Russell, Matawan, 4/24/2016
Ray & Robbie Domingo, Kendall Park,12/1/2015
Fred Eisinger & Peter Jewell, Lambertville, 5/31/2015
Lauren & Debrah, Sewell, 4/26/2015
Teri Fasulko & Tricia Santucci, West Windsor, 4/17/2015
Samantha & Vanessa Cedeno, North Bergen, 03/29/2015
Joseph P and Kristoffer P, Paterson, 10/05/2014
Yvonne Mazzola & Pamela Bays, Port Norris, 8/16/2014
Melanie & Michelle, Burlington, 5/23/2014
Fico & Tony Pardini, Edgewater, 03/23/2014
Colin Hogan & Victor Appell and Sons, Metuchen, 1/23/2014
Thomas E. Shaw & William F. Gardner, Princeton, 12/4/2013
Ralph & Elvin Louren-Torres, NY, 12/23/2013
Tricia DeBenedictis & Adrienne Jones, Dumont, 12/13/2013
Linda Readerman & Bonnie Kantor, Metuchen 11/10/2013
Roberta Schipper & JoAnn Hamel, Laurence Harbor, 11/8/2013
Pamela Teal & Christine Mazurkiewic, Seacaucus, 11/4/2013
Heidi Travis and Dawn Fiorita, 10/30/2013
Russ Janiger & Russ Jayne, Boonton, 10/28/2013
David Katz & Richard Alagona, Metuchen, 10/25/2013
Luisa Paster & Harriet Bernstein, Ocean Grove, 10/25/2013
Margeret Pappas & Monica Riley, Howell, 10/23/2013
Ron Weiss & Jack Greenberg, West Orange, 10/22/2013
Louise Walpin & Marsha Shapiro, Monmouth Junction, 10/21/2013
MaryAnn Rodriquez & Tonya Glover, Jackson, 10/21/2013
Monica & Bettyjean, Toms River, 9/7/2013
Gary & Byron Wyssling, Rockaway Township, 8/30/2013
Rena Gerckens & Maureen Sturgeon, Piscataway, 4/20/2013
Laura Dietsch & Josephine Salamone, Old Bridge, 4/20/2013
Maryanne Roberto & Lori Fine, Livingston, 11/23/2012
Amy & Christina Rothman-Iiliff, East Windsor, 10/21/2012
April & Blaire Fuchs, Totowa, 5/19/2012
Amberson de Camargos & Joselito Nery, Ocean Township, 2/28/2012
Leslie & Lisa Brinson, Jersey City, 11/18/2011

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